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Art in the city center is categorized here based on each artist's name.

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Yaacov Agam
Complex Vision
Superline Volume
Touch Me

P. Bazzanti
Winged Victory (replica)

Terry Beckham
Untitled - Jemison Flats

John Black
Hugo L. Black

Fernando Botero
Reclining Figure

Keith Bidwell

Manfred Bredohl
Untitled - Sloss Furnaces

Georges Bridges
Untitled - (near Eye Foundation Building)
Brother Bryan
Thomas Jefferson

Jane Pruitt Brooks
Untitled - (Children's Hospital)

Tony Buchen
The Exiles

Richmond Burton
Creating Peace

Scott Burton
Two Part Bench, A Pair

Anthony Caro

Ira Chaffin
S. Richardson Hill

Children under the guidance of Chris Clark
Peace on Earth Begins at Home

Alabama children who suffer from cardio-vascular disease
Children's Heart Quilt

William Christenberry
Dream Building (for Birmingham)
Hands Moove Hearts

Zaqchary Coffin

Kyle Dillehay

Casey Downing, Jr.
Three Women
Circular XXI

James Drake
Children's March
Police Dog Attack
Fire Hosing of Demonstrators

Catherine Dunn
Untitled - (YWCA Peace Garden)

Virgil Edwards
The Buzz Saw

Lin Emery
Falling Leaves

Frank Fleming
The Storyteller (Five Points Fountain)
The Performers
A Legacy in His Own Time

Michael Fohock
Untitled (8th Ave. S.)

Be Gardiner
Hungers, Kneeling

Kostas Nikolaou Georgakas

Ronald Godwin
The Nest
Concrete and Chains
Five Part Fugue

Betty Gold
Kaikoo II

Jeralyn Goodwin
Untitled (Bank of Birmingham Lobby)
The Exiles

Dimitri Hadzi
Red Mountain

Reuben Halpern
Falling Block

Frederick Hart
The Cross of the Millenium

Eddie Lee Hendricks
Untitled (Board of Education)
Untitled (Underwood Park)

Mark Hopkins
Partners with Bear and Shug

Martha Hopkins
Red Tide

Skip Van Houten
Central Axis

Dave Howell
Untitled (Alabama Environmental Council)

Leslie Hutto
Angel of Life

John F. Jackson, MD
Staff of Asclepius

Valerie Jauden

Luis Jimenez

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